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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ski field review - Reinswald

Ok, this is the first blog post I'm composing on my tablet,  so sorry if there are typos or things look a little messy...

Joe and I went skiing with our friend Luigi on 11 Jan at Reinswald. It was awesome!

Where is it?
Just under an hour north of Bolzano by car

How big is it?
Well there are only 14km of groomed pistes but there is loads of off-piste skiing to be had. There is a lot of variety
too, tree skiing,  powder bowls, alpine Meadows (literally you need to know where you can get over the fences). It reminded me of treble cone but an easier gradient and more lifts.

What was the snow like?
Not bad, no fresh powder but still lovely and soft off-piste on the upper half of the mountain.

How bout the weather? 
Pretty good until our last run of the day when the cloud came and we skied down blind. We were above the cloud most of the Day which made for some stunning views down the valley.

Best thing about it? 
Value for money! We paid twenty euro to ski for four hours and like four euronfor this giant strudel

Compared to any of the dolomitisuperski fields both the ski pass and food on the mountain was really affordable. This is because it is part of the "ortler ski arena" ski fields. These are smaller and aimed at locals as opposed to the massive superski fields which seem to have their eyes firmly set on the tourists.

Ok so one thing I haven't been able to manage on my tablet is to insert the ski map-you can google search for Reinswald undrr images and one will come up if your interested.

Joe and I will definitely be spending more time there,  especially as there is a bus that goes there that picks up just round the corner from us!

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