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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Yes another ski field, that's what my life is like at the moment, isn't that awesome? We are going to a different ski field each weekend!

Here I am, the knight of carezza (I think this is actually supposed to be the king that discovered this area??).

So Carezza is/was...

Very cold.  Usually I'm not cold when I ski but Sunday was very chilly,  Joe and I spent one very long chairlift ride composing a song about how f***ing cold we were.

This leads me to the next point,  a very long chairlift ride,  the facilities are a little dated at carezza.  One of the main chairs was not functioning well (we got a lot of stationary time to enjoy the view) and some  of the others were just a little old (and slow!). Also I have never seen so many pommer lifts on one ski field before.

The actual slopes were good fun,  though they were either very steep (and very fast and therefore fun) or rather flat. Basically the field has some great steep slopes on either side of the field with a series of flat runs and slow lifts connecting them. There are plans for two new chairs that I think will solve this problem and make carezza way betterer.

The snow was not fresh but in general it was ok, mostly soft and good cover though the main runs could do with a groom. I find skiing here really makes me appreciate how hard the folks at ruapehu work to keep their slopes jn the best possible condition they can be. The scenery though was STUNNING. Oh my goodness this is a beautiful place to ski
We also went with a pretty big group of friends,  which is the point isn't it?  Spending a wicked day on the slopes with a bunch of mates, is there anything better than that?

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