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Monday, 23 December 2013

A weekend in.... Prague!

So early in December Joe and I headed to Prague. Joe wanted to see Black Sabbath and as our Wedding Anniversary is at an awkward time just before Christmas when all of our dog sitters are out of town we decided this was a nice opportunity to celebrate a little early.

Been there before?
I had (in the middle of Summer), Joe was a Prague virgin.

Time of Year?
Beginning of December (6-8). Christmas was everywhere which was awesome. It also meant people were everywhere which was slightly less awesome.
See it's cold! It snowed at least half the time we were there. Ps. this is in Winceslas Sq.

How long did we go for?
Two nights, got there Friday evening and left late Sunday afternoon

How did we get there?
By bus actually, that was run by the German rail DBahn. We went on the 6 December which is St Niklaus and they gave us chocolate Santa's when we arrived, very cool. It only took half an hour longer than a direct train and was direct from Munich with no stops.

Surprisingly good - meaty though. We ate from food stalls at the Christmas markets and found a small Czech restaurant that was packed with locals. As the Czech republic don't use the euro the exchange rate meant it was all quite affordable.

What did we see?
We went to the Karel Zeman Special Effects museum which I totally recommend for anyone with any interest in movies, lots of stop motion capture and cool stuff done with perspective. Otherwise we did the standard Prague sights - Winceslas Sq, Old Town Sq, Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge

Me! with a Christmas market in the backround

Looking up at Prague castle at night

GIANT Christmas Tree in Old Town Sq.

Winceslas Sq. at night

Selfie of Joe and I, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle in the background. The camera reel to get this one sort of OK shot is hilarious.

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