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Saturday, 9 November 2013


So the first exciting thing for me to happen in October (actually at the end of September) was Oktoberfest. My new work is across the road from the Weis''n and my flat is also quite near it so for the three weeks of Oktoberfest my commute (a 25 min walk) and any trip to the bank or supermarket was impeded by folk dressed in traditional Bavarian dress in varying states of intoxication.

My work went to Oktoberfest for one afternoon as a work function. I must say it was wonderful and not really what I expected, here's why

Oktoberfest is not just a bunch of 20- something year old tourists getting drunk.

It is a massive festival that locals, young and old support and participate in. Families take their children to go on the rides, eat cinnamon sugar covered nuts and maybe hang out in the beer gardens (though not usually the drinking tents, although I did see the odd child in them a couple of times). Also there doesn't seem to be any upper age limit, you see plenty of the older generation there drinking a Mass and eating half a chicken. They all dress up in the local dress and go and party. That's another thing I loved about it, everyone is there to celebrate so that's what they do, no matter the level of intoxication the moment you walk into a "tent" (I use this term loosely as this is what they are called but they are by no means a tent, more like semi permanent large hall). So the moment you walk in, people are dancing on chairs and singing and clinking there giant mugs of beer together shouting Proust! (cheers in German).

I had such a great time that I went again (also with workmates, in a less official capacity after work one day). Below is photographic proof of me loving it!

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