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Friday, 3 May 2013

What I forgot to write about yesterday

So I've come down with some sort of cold thing this week so yesterdays post took me a really long time and I missed out some key points. Not about visiting Florence per se but you know how the thing that makes your trip special and memorable are the things that you accidentally stumble in on (ok that sounds like you accidentally surprise the people in the hotel room next door, not what I meat).

So for us there were a couple of things that were particularly memorable about Florence.

The tiny bus.

We wondering around Florence on our first evening and I saw a tiny bus, like really really tiny, maybe it could take like ten people but it was still a bus. We then saw another bus the next morning outside Santa Croce, Joe was like "tiny bus!" and I was like "no the other one was way more tiny" at first he thought I was being my silly stubborn self but then we saw the tiny bus again! We then spent the next two days trying to get a photo of the said tiny bus, one that showed both the whole bus and captured how tiny it was.

the key to recognising how tiny this is is to look at the doors, they take up like a third of the bus!

Fiat Bambini Convoy

We were on our way back to the train station from the hotel on our final day in Florence. Suddenly there is all this honking and we pay attention to the road and there is a convoy of Fiat 500's, 595's etc all tiny little cars in various condition of repair. Then we realise they have numbers on them with a sticker saying something like "International Fiat Road trip" or something, the highest number we saw was 103, there must have been at least 103 fiats!!

so many fiats!!

Luckily I have so much to say about Florence as I have not done much this week, mainly stay in bed and feel rather sorry for myself. This Wednesday was also a holiday so at least I had Joe to keep me company for part of it. This weekend we are staying around Bolzano (hopefully we will go hiking weather permitting) and then next weekend is PARIS!! Will keep you posted on the adventures.

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